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Upcoming Concerts

The Scottish Chamber Choir

  • Steven Griffin (conductor)
  • with Caritas Strings from George Watson’s College
    Saturday 12 March 2016 at 7.30pm
    Palmerston Place Church, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh   EH12 5AA
  1. The making of the drum - Bob Chilcott
  2. Hymn to St Cecilia - Benjamin Britten
  3. Three flower songs - Eric Whitacre
  4. Il bianco e dolce cigno - Jacques Arcadelt
  5. Capricciata- Adriano Banchieri
  6. The silver swan - Orlando Gibbons
  7. El grillo - Josquin des Prez
  8. Music, when soft voices die - C H H Parry
  9. If music be the food of love - Henry Purcell
  10. Music divine - Thomas Tomkins
  11. O care, thou will despatch me - Thomas Weelkes

The Making of the Drum is one of Chilcott’s most original and striking creations. In his preface he describes the genesis of the piece: “In 1984 I was very fortunate to visit Uganda, where a drum maker made me a beautiful drum with a snakeskin head. I’ll never forget sitting in the plane to come home and seeing by chance the baggage handlers loading my drum with incredible respect and care. The drum to them is a living spirit.

“The poems I set are a celebration of how that spirit is brought to life. The piece enacts the ritual of constructing the drum, whose component parts are drawn from the surrounding nature – a nature that gives of itself almost sacrificially. We hear how the goat is killed for its skin, how the tree, which bleeds cedar-dark when cut, bestows the drum’s body, and how the sticks and rattles are taken, all to begin a new life as companions to the gods, music, and the dance.”

More about the piece and the composer at this link.

Tickets are £10 (£5 for students; free for under-18s), available from members, at the door, or from TicketSource.