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We both really enjoyed the concert last night – what a high standard!  I have sung the Bernstein and I know many challenges it presents.  The other pieces certainly didn’t seem any easier.  We really enjoyed the Argentinian Mass, which I noticed had many audience members silently foot-tapping.  It was a terrific performance all round, and we are now looking forward to your concert of Renaissance music.

Your guest soloists were excellent and really fitted the bill perfectly for the parts you asked them to sing. The Bernstein Ps 23 was glorious – that 14 year old voice was made for the solo. She’ll have an excellent voice in years to come, but she’ll never perform that solo as an adult as well as she did last night.

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Feedback on our last concert in June in Haddington and Biggar …

“Splendid! Lovely sound” “Wonderful. Great voices”

“Beautiful. Loved the mix of music and poetry.”

“Lovely well-balanced power, light and shade. Gibbons & Arcadelt my favourites.”

“A transcending repertoire skillfully presented for our delight. Glad I came!”

Our concert on 25 March 2023 ….

“I knew none of the pieces, but they were all incredible. A first-class ensemble of singers. A fantastic concert. Thank you.”

“We are immensely privileged to attend such a concert. Beautiful music and wonderful voices. First class organist!”

Our concert on 12 November 2022 ………

from Edinburgh Music Review …….

“The sun burst through in the major key with ‘Aber des Herrn Wort’ and the chorus sang it like they meant it – excellent diction and dynamic control.  The coda with the soft timpani and trumpets and a final swell and diminuendo was magical. 


A magnificent climactic cadence spills over from an anxious C minor into a triumphant C major and my favourite Brahms fugue with full chorus and orchestra.  It was pretty magical. 


The finale ‘Selig sind die Toten’ is a kind of In Paradisum movement.  All tension is released and we have made our peace with death.  Beautifully sung and played. 

Bringing this major work to performance was a magnificent collaborative achievement of the three chamber ensembles and all plaudits to them, the conductor and soloists.

In June 2022 the choir gave two performances of Hubert Parry’s “Songs of Farewell”, William Byrd’s “Mass for 4 voices”, and Judith Weir’s “The Song sung true” – in Rosslyn Chapel and Limekilns Parish Church (Fife).

“What a privilege to have listened to such a beautiful mesmerising performance !

Hugely talented choir !”

from Limekilns performance.