Singing has always been an important part of my life. I have been a member of a choir since my primary school years. I enjoy the challenge of tackling a new piece of music and the sense of fulfillment experienced at the performance stage. SCC is just the right size of choir to make you feel that your voice counts. I have been a member of SCC for many years and find it a supportive group of singers who enjoy making music together and help each other achieve their best.


I have just attended the 75th Anniversary celebrations of a choir whose 25th Anniversary I also attended – but I was a member of a choir another 10 years before that! SCC is the most challenging and enjoyable of all the choirs in which I have sung. Everyone is a team player and we have an excellent captain.


I started singing in a tiny village church in Cambridgeshire and am so grateful to that Choir Master for something that has stayed with me for a lifetime. Singing with SCC gives novel and exciting challenges every term thanks to our ambitious Musical Director. So the learning goes on!


I drive over 100 miles (altogether!!) to be at rehearsals because the singing is really challenging. We work on exciting, unfamiliar repertoire with a conductor who really cares about the detail. Rehearsals focus on style, tuning, rhythms, tone, listening etc. All very rewarding.


Our family arrived in Fife thirty years ago, and I’ll always be indebted to the new neighbour who suggested I audition for SCC – I’ve had a lot of enjoyment since! Although used to singing with just a few voices to each part, I still find it challenging, especially with lesser-known repertoire. However, there’s a great sense of camaraderie, and we all work hard together. Best of all, Iain is very patient, encouraging and skilled in sorting any problems, and there’s a wonderful sense of achievement when we bring off a performance.


I thoroughly enjoy coming to rehearsals every Monday night. Not only is it a precious weekly “me-time”, it is also a chance to catch up with my friendly choir mates. I enjoy all aspects of the process of music-making, whether that be methodically working through the details of some challenging repertoire, reaching the first “coming-together” of pieces or experiencing the pre-performance thrill. I love this wonderful feeling of getting stronger after each concert, both as an individual and as a group.